Tabea Kind
bassist / composer / teacher

about me....

I am a double-bassist, currently living in Basel, Switzerland.

From 2017-2022 I studied Music Pedagogy and Doube Bass in Freiburg and Bern with Dieter Ilg and Patrice Moret.
Since 2022 I am continuing my studies in Basel with Bänz Oester, Larry Grenadier, Jeff Ballard and others.

I play in several projects in Germany and Switzerland such as the Baptiste Stanek Trio, Will Bartlett Trio, Florian Pfisters Tiny Orchestra and EDNA.

Let's get in contact:  +41 (0) 78 251 29 41

upcoming dates...
Trio, privat, Freiburg (DE)
Miss C-Line, Jazzcampus, Basel (CH)
Quartett, privat, Basel (CH)